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Monday, April 11, 2011

Arsenal nk jual 8 Player..???


 Gael Clichy mcm dah x nk smbg contract so Arsenal terpakser jual drpd Clichy free transfer..nilai Arshavin 15million so lbey baik jual drpd x der harga nnt..Bendtner fail nk fulfill dier nyer promise to improve performance...yg tiga ni Top nk dijual..


bg aku player2 ni mmg patut ltk dlm list kner jual pun..dah mkin berusia..then danilson agk mudalah tp dier main x bestlah..diaby lak slalu buat slack kat kalu ni jd reality mmg bestlah..ader player baru masuk n maybe makin kuatlah Arsenal..

p/s: kalu ader sper2 nk bg pendapat ker..nk hina, kutuk bagai..silalah..di alu-alukan......:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Justin Bieber main dgn Barcelona..??

Justin Bieber akan buat concert kat Spain..pergh dgr citer slah satu training fit utk Justin main bola dgn barcelona..gler best...

tiba2 game Barcelona yg akan dtg Justin main gk..1st team lg..mmg justin lg toplah..lps ni messi bersara kalu Justin Bieber btul2 main..hehehehe

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4....

Blackberry Torch


iPhone 4
which one is the best..??

what ur opinion..??

Sunday, February 13, 2011



  • ader beberape jnis pergerakan, iaitu:
    • Pull Push
    • Snake
    • Front-Pin
    • Back-Pin
    • Push-Kick
    • Back-Kick
  • 1st row foos - penjaga gawang...(kdang2 ader 2 o 3 depend on table lah)
  • 2nd row foos - pertahanan ader 3 foos..(but ader yg 2 foos jer)
  • 3rd row foos - tengah ader 5 foos..( kadang2 ader  o 6 gk)
  • 4th row foos - penyerang ader 3 foos..(ader yg 2 foos gk)

foosball ni mula2 sekali dimainkan oleh Harold Searles Thornton (1992) ni x lg mnjad kegilaan 'kaki pub' je tp setiap golongn masyarakat kiter meminati foosball ni..wanita juga suka main foosball...

x abih pnjg lak table ni..kalu main sowunk2 pergh..mau pncit truk ni..

tiba2 tercetus idea nk buat pertandingan foosball antara bloger2 skalian..

aper pendpt korunk..??

Monday, February 7, 2011

Image of israel and hanukkah

Member2 sekalian 

lets trys this..:-
- g my computer 
- then buka  direktori C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\MEDIA\CAGCAT10,
- then cari pic lambang yg kat ats 2...namer file J0285926.

Anda akn temukan gmbr Lambang/bendera zionis Israel lengkap (persis dgn warna aslinya) dgn lilin (sarana ibadah mereka).

Musnahkan pic tersebut...buat semak jer..den baru jer delete..rase cam tenang jer..mari kiter ramai2 lakukan...yeah!!!!!...DELETE!!!!!!..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nasib 5 Bintang Chelsea

 Jose Bosingwa

 Florent Malouda

 Didier Drogba

 John Obi Mikel

Yuri Zhirkov

Chelsea merancang utk menjual 5 player mereka bg menampung kos pembelian torres n luiz iaitu RM368 juta..jika 5 player ini jika x meningkatkan prestasi mereka..mereka akan dijual..chelsea mencatatkan kerugian RM347.8 juta n terpaksa mengikut peraturan baru "fair play" UEFA utk pembelanjaan setiap club.

adakah pembelian torres and david luiz berbaloi..??
kiter tggu dah lihat jerlah..

aper pendpt korunk..?????????

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Volkswagen Race Touareg 3 Qatar

Volkswagen has put out a concept study of its Race Touareg 3 – which won the recent 2011 Dakar – at the Qatar Motor Show, alongside the flashy Touareg Gold Edition.
It’s not quite the same car, naturally. The street-legal variant’s two-metre wide body has been slightly modified for road use, and the race car’s 16-inch wheels are replaced with new BBS 18-inch units, finished in a gold shade.

The 305 hp all-wheel drive vehicle does the 0-100 kph sprint in less than six seconds, and features – in case you can’t identify it by its shape – a “Race Touareg” signature pasted along the vehicle’s sides. Like the Gold Edition, the RT 3 Qatar’s exterior is finished in a shade called Magic Morning.
The interior in this one has of course been completely redesigned (all that has remained unmodified is the safety cage) to offer easy controls and good ergonomics. VW’s designers created an interior in so-called ‘Stealth look,’ reminiscent of the aircraft of the same name.

In tribute to the Dakar Rally, the Dakar victories are etched in the anodised aluminium of the centre console, right next to the ‘Race Touareg’ signature. Other interior features include Recaro racing bucket seats – with Nubuk seat side supports and perforated Nappa leather centre seat panels – and trim elements dressed in matt carbon, as well as a Serpentino Grey Metallic finish for the roll cage.

Torstein Horgmo makes X Games history with big-air triple cork

Torstein Horgmo on Friday night became the first snowboarder in X Games history to nail a triple cork. The trick, which you can watch below, was landed successfully on his final run of the big-air competition and clinched a gold medal for the Norwegian. Some at the event, held in Aspen, Colo., were ranking it among the top X Games tricks ever performed.

Making it more impressive was that Horgmo stuck the landing with broken ribs suffered during an earlier crash. "It's probably the stupidest thing I've done in my whole life," he told ESPN afterward. "It didn't feel right doing it. I don't think the jump was right for that trick"

Also impressive, except perhaps for the fan on the receiving end, was the long-distance punting of his helmet into the crowd at the bottom of the ramp.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Projek pulau buatan manusia yg seperti peta dunia kini menghadapi ancaman kemusnahan. Pulau buatan manusia yg terletak 4 km di luar pantai Dubai tersebut mula tenggelam. Pulau tersebut utk pembangunan villa mewah dan sebagainyer utk golongan jutawan. Hanya boleh dimasuki menggunakan kapal layar atau bot. Pasir yg digunakan utkmembetuk pulau tersebut semakin terhakis manakala terusan diantaranyer semakin berkeladak.

sebelum timbulnyer masalah timbul, satu drpd pulau tersebut masih belum dibangunkan lg. Kebanyakan pelabur yg membeli pulau tersebut akhirnyer tidak mapu meneruskan pembangunan di pulau tersebut disebabkan harga hartanah menjunam. Seorg dprd pemiliknyer, John O`Dolan, membunuh diri kerana kerugian, manakal seorg lg dipenjara 7 thn kerana memberi cek tendang.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Julia Perez tunaikan janji..??

Julia Perez yg gagal muncul dgn coli leser dlm perlawanan akhir akhirnya menunaikan janji utk memakai coli leser . Menurut beberape kenyataan Jupe akan menayangkan pakaian seksi dan coli yg mengeluarkan cahaya merah yg menyilaukan.

diamanakah pot Jupe akan berbuat demekian..??
mesti ramai yg tertunggu utk menyaksikan Jupe beraksi..


Friday, January 14, 2011

Upgrade Your Life: Simple solutions to high-tech problems

Can't work your iPhone with your winter gloves on? Got a scratched DVD that's skipping? Or how about a work PC that signs you out the moment you step away from your desk? The MacGyver-approved answer may be hiding in your junk drawer.
In this week's episode of Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News's Becky Worley delivers some simple, everyday solutions for what might appear to be daunting high-tech problems, starting with:
1. Touchscreen phones that won't work when you have gloves on
The capacitive touch displays on the latest and greatest Android and iOS handsets are tops when it comes to tapping out messages with a light touch. Winter gloves, however, will block the electrical charge from your fingertips that capacitive screens use to register a tap — bad news if you're trying to answer a call in a blizzard.
Becky's solution: Cut a tiny slit in your wool gloves (assuming you don't mind slicing up your winter wear) to allow a finger to pop out whenever you need to start tapping.
Don't want to cut holes in your gloves? Try the Pogo Stylus, a pencil-sized metallic stick with a specially made tip that works with capacitive displays.
Related:Pogo Stylus
2. Dirty cell phone cases
That case you bought for your smartphone looked pretty spiffy when you first slipped it on. After a few months, though, you'll be in for a rude shock when you take the case off and look inside. Where did all that gunk come from? On second thought, don't tell us.
Becky's solution: If it's a one-piece silicone case, just toss it in the dishwasher — done. Beware, though: Plastic cases with multiple, glued-on parts will come apart if you give them the dishwasher treatment.
3. Wet gadgets
News flash: Gadgets and water rarely mix. If you do manage to leave your cell phone, camera, or other battery-powered gear out in the rain — or worse, drop them in a toilet — the prognosis is usually pretty grim.
Becky's solution: Before you give up hope, try dropping your soaked gear into a Tupperware container full of rice to draw out the moisture. (Check out more details on this method from Popular Mechanics.) Or, as a general preventative measure to keep moisture away, save some silica gel packs (you know, the ones you'll find in boxes of new shoes or beef-jerky packages) and stuff them in your cell phone or camera case.
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4. Scratched DVDs and CDs
There's nothing quite as annoying as a skipping music CD or a DVD that randomly jumps seconds or minutes ahead, without warning. In some cases, you might be dealing with a dirty laser in your CD or DVD deck; more often, however, the culprit is a scratched disc.
The good news is that it is possible to repair scratches in the polycarbonate plastic coating that protects the underlying layer of data on a DVD or CD, as long as the scratch isn't too deep.
Becky's solution: Polish the scratches with a little furniture cleaner, perhaps with a follow-up dose of car polish. Just be sure to start from the center of the disc and rub outward, in a straight line; whatever you do, don't rub in circles.
5. Work PCs that sign you out too quickly
Code-clearance NSA operatives performing top-secret data entry at secure terminals should probably skip this tip. For the rest of us, however, here's an easy way to keep your paranoid PC from signing you out the moment you turn away from the screen.
Becky's solution: Take off your watch (assuming you still have a watch, of course) and lay your mouse on top of its face; the ticking hands will fool the optics in your mouse into thinking it's still in motion.
6. Not enough batteries for your flashlight
The power's out, and you've got your flashlight — minus one more D battery. D'oh!
Becky's solution: If you've got a spare C battery floating around in your junk drawer, you're in luck; just drop it into the D-cell slot and fill the remaining space with a stack of quarters. Sounds crazy, but Becky promises it'll work. (Just make sure to pick up some more D batteries the next time you're in the hardware store.)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chevrolet Camaro SS---------2011

The top-level SS is motivated by a 6.2-liter V8. When coupled with the six-speed automatic transmission, the SS is good for 400 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque, while opting for the manual gearbox will net an additional 22 horsepower, for a grand total of 422 horsepower and 408 lb-ft of torque. The V8-powered car will return about 23 mpg on the highway.
Other SS goodies include four-piston Brembo brakes, a sportier FE3 suspension and Competitive/Sport modes for the car's StabiliTrak stability control system, including launch control for manual SS models.



Body Style                                         : Coupe
Size                                                   : Midsize
Market Segment                                 : Weight 3902 lbs


Length                                               : 190.4 in.
Width                                                 : 75.5 in.
Height                                                : 54.2 in.
Wheelbase                                         : 112.3 in.
Ground Clearance                               : TBD
Front Track                                        : 63.7 in.
Rear Track                                         : 63.7 in.
Weight Distribution                             : 52/48
Drag Coefficient                                 : TBD

Interior - General

Seats                                                 : 4
Passenger Volume                             : TBD
Cargo Volume                                    : TBD
Cargo Volume (Seats Folded)             : TBD

Interior - Front Row

Volume                                              : TBD
Leg Room                                          : 42.4 in.
Head Room                                       : 37.4 in.
Shoulder Room                                  : 56.9 in.
Hip Room                                          : TBD

Interior - Second Row

Volume                                              : TBD
Leg Room                                          : 29.9 in.
Head Room                                       : 35.3 in.
Shoulder Room                                  : 42.5 in.
Hip Room                                          : TBD


Fuel Type                                           : Gas
Engine Type                                       : 6.2L V8
Power                                                : 426 hp @ 5900 rpm
Torque                                               : 420 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm
Transmission                                      : 6-Speed Manual
Highway Fuel Economy                      : 24 mpg
City Fuel Economy                             : 16 mpg
Forced Induction                                : None
Direct Injection                                   : No


Layout                                               : Rear Wheel Drive
Front Suspension                               : Multi-Link
Rear Suspension                                : Multi-Link


Front                                                 : 20" Aluminum
Front Tires                                         : P245/45ZR20
Rear                                                  : 20" Aluminum
Rear Tires                                          : P245/45ZR20

Trailering & Hauling

Trailer Weight                                     : TBD
Tongue Weight                                   : TBD

Hot Picture Scarlett Johansson for Mango

Fall / Winter


Photographer : Mario Sorrenti

kalaulah aku take picture dgn Scarlett Johansson ni..pergh..mesti ramai jelez dgn aku..bayangkan jer..take pic dgn dier then dier ckp very comfortable dgn aku..


p/s: jgn jelez...!!!